Z design

For those who stay in the saddle for many hours, professionals but also endurance riders, the importance of the pants is imperative.
The riding pants are close to the body, even tight. It is therefore imperative that it fits us: like a glove!

For this, the fabric and the cut are essential quality assets. At T.DE.T, we are the manufacturer and designer of our pants. We go so far as to offer you our own size gradation. We have optimized the fabric cuts according to the needs for flexibility and hold of the different parts that make up pants.

Elastic fabric

The elastane fiber should be twisted with the cotton thread before weaving the fabric. This allows flexibility and optimal resilience during the movements of the rider. We attach great importance to the final look of the pants and have therefore studied the right amount of elastane. This brand of stretch fiber was chosen to ensure maximum longevity of the finished product.

The bottom of the pants is in lycra. We chose this soft and fine material because it will be invisible under the mini-chaps or the boots. A velcro fastening tab has been added to adapt to men’s leg circumference. The advantage is that the bottom of the pants will stay in place.

Finally, the preformed Z cut, model registered by T.DE.T, allows the pants to already have a shaping of the rider’s leg, slightly folded, which limits the folds inside the knee.

Z Design

The stretchy quality of the fabric ensures that the front of the leg does not crease at all when you wear the pants while walking.

Finally, the sheepskin was cleverly cut. Its ideal shape absorbs excess tissue at the knee crease. It ensures its overprotective effect on the leg when you are on horseback.

Comfort, elegance at the service of the rider.