Don't neglect your butt!

When we practice horseback riding, the need to wear slim, even tight pants, is obvious to us.
However, few riders pay attention to the underwear they wear.
However, the same imperatives are found: they must follow the movements of our body, protect our buttocks from friction and know how to be discreet under our famous pants.

Underwear without bad folds, for a good trim

Horse riding is a sport whose term rider’s attitude is found in all disciplines.

The main interest of a quality plate is to allow the rider to remain in control of his balance in all circumstances, whatever the reactions of the horse.

This should allow the rider not to hinder the horse in its movement.

It is obtained through the flexibility of the kidneys and hips of the rider.


Unfortunately, rare are the riders who are lucky enough to be able to spend the months of lunge endured by the apprentice riders of the Spanish School of Vienna.

In the end, we are sitting on what binds us to the horse … and we take care war.

Riding professionals who spend many hours riding know the importance of quality underwear.

This is how T.DE.T approached one of its renowned ambassadors, Michel Robert, in order to develop unisex boxer shorts meeting the needs of horseback riding.

Underwear: boxer shorts, registered model.

Its shape is designed to cover all friction surfaces for both men and women: this makes it a unisex product. Its technical fabric allows a shape is adapted on the front for good support for men. The bottom and the crotch are seamless.

Its shape is adapted to the saddle and it is made of a double layer of fabric to prevent excessive heating at the level of the seat and reinforced protection at the level of the pommel of the saddle.

The fabric is made of 8% elastane (and 92% viscose) to ensure flexibility and resilience.


It is even said that the hero of the “Bronzés” uses it for hiking.

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