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– Eventing Boots –

Eventing Boots is one of the three disciplines practicied in Eventing Riding : CCE.

It’s the most impressive discipline because the obstacles are fixed, the galloping train is sustained. Protective equipment for riders, such as horses, is therefore specific.

The horse’s legs are the part of the body most exposed to risks in this discipline. We therefore need specific protections.

In Eventing, in addition to protecting the tendons, we protect the bones : the canno.

Almost all horse riders protect the anterior and posterior canno with closed Eventing Boots to limit the repercussions of a blow in the event of impact with fixed obstacles. The risk can go as far as the impact fracture.

However, at very high level, we see riders who use open Eventing Boots, but specific cross, depending on their horses : not to be reproduced during your training at home without expert advice ! In Eventing Boots, the risk of mixing with your horse is increased if the forelegs hang up in the obstacle. The open Eventng Boots allow the horse to keep its sensitivity on the conna of the forelegs, while being fitted to the tendons.


Eventing Boots, open or closed, encompass the inside of the fetlock.