The experience of the users of our riding equipment is at the heart of our concerns, so it is essential for us to collect your opinions and comments in order to constantly develop our products and continue to offer quality items perfectly suited to the needs of riders and horses.

For several years has been represented by riders and riders in all equestrian disciplines (jumping, dressage, eventing, endurance, ethology, etc.). These riders, ambassadors of our brand, selected each year, use our riding equipment in training and in competitions.

The ambassadors passionately share their experiences with the products of the brands, Biotack® (Bridlework, training aids – a material constituting an alternative to leather),Pro Stretch® (Work bandages combining efficiency and comfort) and Stretch Neck® (Innovative horse rugs improving the comfort of the horse).


Aude Reverberi : @hiltonaudeAgathe Fournier : @agathe.frn Camille Duchemin : @uradelafosse.hdt

Camille Delage : @quivea.fortiere Jules Prud’Hon : @jules.prudhonLaurine Vergeraud : @vedette.dv

Lola Durand : @lola.d_dressageSandy Vaillant : @noble.prestige


Lilou Segura : @bugati.dtAgathe Fournier : @agathe.frnInès Lagrot : @innnnes_

Lilou Renaux : @toundra.drBrice Letertre : @the_new_design_Léa Lemoine : @phency.dc

Maé Rinaldi : @bostonduverdonSonia Cieslik : @sodiamoJulien Wargnier : @sandro_dvg

Chloé Muchembled : @chloe_muchembled_riding Laura Passot : @exceptional_horses Nohane Woog : @jmn.nohane


Agathe Fournier : @agathe.frn Cassandra Lecanu : @cassy_andco Camille Sagnier : @camille_ralac

Marine Bourceau : @marinebourceau Louise Rizzollo : @flyponyy Elena Locorotondo : @boogiedepadoue

Justine François Brazier : @justineetwillow Célia Savidand : @philtremagique Mélissa Brodin : @melissa_tevoilas

Salomé Ballé :@my.little.princesse.up Romain Barochi : @romain_barochi Jérôme Navet : @jnavet Mélodie Duhutrel : @valianthe&optilou


Juliette De Tourris : @marushka_et_ultimeManon Lefranc : @salsalikorne Lola Frixtalon : @gamin_et_lola

Maelys Viallard : @maelys_viallard Léa Louis : @sapristi.mistral.gagnant Pauline Laveau : @pauli_shou

Lucie Bassibey : @tinkyjolie Lottie Poubanne : @leaulo_event.pony Pauline Frangeul :


Louise De Tourris : @qaty_et_rustyMarjolaine Bona : @marjolaine_eventingAxel Denis : @axeldenis_eventing

Alexandra Hackel : @onyx_ledanseur Marie Oriol : @marie_sun_val


Océane Ridaura : @rainbowgold_teamFanny & Lucille Rybicki : @rybicki_eventingStépahnie Bouché : @ponycorn_le_blogHélène Portier :@hélène.portier.9

Laura Passot

“I am really delighted to have been able to represent the TdeT brand for a year, an innovative brand combining well-being, aesthetics and performance! A great and attentive team”

Louise De Tourris

“This year with allowed me to discover more widely its range of products. It is a brand that I have already been using for 10 years and I was happy to be part of this great team. »

Marjolaine Bona

“A great year spent alongside a great team, both on the side of the other Ambassadors and on the side of the I am happy to have been able to represent the brand all year round with my little troop. »

Axel Denis

“ is simply French equipment combining well-being and performance. It is an honor for us to have been part of a dedicated and growing team. »

Alexandra Hackel

“I had the chance to discover and represent products throughout this wonderful equestrian year. A wonderful human experience within a dynamic and passionate team! »

Marie Oriol

“What a great year, equipped in the best way by It was a real pleasure to work with such a dynamic and caring team. » Manufacturer and designer at your service!