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The T.de.T Ambassadors

For a designer and manufacturer like T.de.T, collecting your opinions, experiences and comments is very important: it allows us to constantly improve our products in order to always better support you. For 2 years now, T.de.T has been represented by riders from different backgrounds: these riders are the Ambassadors of our brand, at home and on the competition grounds!

Far from advertising, sometimes misleading, our Ambassadors passionately testify to their experiences with T.de.T. products. and share with you their evolution with our products.


2019: Juliette, Léa, Lola, Lottie, Lucie, Maelys, Manon, Pauline & Pauline

So 9 riders have joined the T de T team for 2019!
Of all ages, from all walks of life, here is a beautiful palette that we hope will be as enthusiastic as we are at the idea of this new adventure that is beginning!

2018: Alexandra, Louise, Marie, Marjolaine & Axel

In 2018, we surrounded ourselves with 5 French riders more motivated than ever to proudly wear our colors and present our products to their communities.

You liked and followed them, here are their profiles and pages, for more information on their horses,
their career paths, their news and our products:

  • “I had the chance to discover and represent T.de.T products throughout this great equestrian year. A wonderful human experience within a dynamic and passionate team! “

  • “This year with T.de.T allowed me to discover its range of products more widely. It is a brand that I have already used for 10 years and I was happy to be part of this great team. “
  • “What a great year, equipped in the best way by T.de.T. It was a real pleasure to work with such a dynamic and caring team. “
  • “A great year spent alongside a great team, both on the side of the other Ambassadors and on the side of the T.de.T. I am happy to have been able to represent the brand all year long with my little troop “
  • “T.de.T is simply French equipment combining well-being and performance. It is an honor for us to have been part of a dedicated and growing team. “

2017: Our Ambassadors are Ambassadors!

In 2017, we were supported by 5 female Ambassadors! They were able to represent TdeT with enthusiasm, and marked the launch of this new mode of partnership!

Here are their profiles and pages, for more information on their horses, their routes, their news and our products:

  • Océane Ridaura – Rainbow Gold Eventing
  • Facebook: Rainbow Gold

T.de.T: Manufacturer and creator at your service!
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