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To start, you will find on our News section, articles on 8 different themes in order to answer the research of riders for them and their horses. So, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any topics you want us to cover !

Our catalog includes all our products and is updated regularly ! Inventors and manufacturers, we have registered numerous patents and models. We create new products throughout the year to meet your demands for quality and innovation. It’s the story of a passion!


T.DE.T was created in October 1997 with the ambition to develop innovative products for riders and horses.

T.DE.T has been awarded in all the biggest international fairs of our profession for the reins, the adjustable whips, the anti-slip mats, the riding gloves, the spurs and the bridles: BETA in England, SPOGA in Germany and the Paris Horse Show.

T.DE.T products have won gold medals at the Olympic Games, at the French, European and World Championships with the most famous riders: Patrice Delaveau, Michel Robert, Zarah Philipps, Albert Voorn, Denis Mesples , Karim Laghouag and many others! All these successes are the culmination of a quality policy for our products.

Leader in riding gloves, bridles and innovative items, T.DE.T now use its know-how in each product necessary for the rider and his horse: little-chaps, saddle pads, gaiters, saddles, halters ...

Take the time to leaf through our catalog, to look at the many photos. You will find the innumerable details that make our products the top their categories.

For all these years, we have been committed to bringing our know-how and the quality of our products to all riders and their horses. All our products benefit from the same attention and the same requirements during their design.